How to choose the music for your wedding ceremony?

With all the decisions to make for your wedding reception, it’s easy to forget about the ceremony itself. But this is, of course, what the whole day is actually about and should be every bit as unique and special as the rest of your big day.

Music is a fantastic way to add personality and atmosphere to your wedding ceremony – before, during and after “I do”!

Here are Melissa's top tips to getting it right.

Build the anticipation

Many brides forget that there’s usually at least half an hour to fill before they arrive at the wedding venue or church. This is often a bit of a tense time, the groom might be nervous and the guests are just arriving and won’t feel settled yet. Some music really helps to ease the atmosphere and break the ice. A solo instrumentalist playing love songs or a playlist of your favourite music played through a speaker both work brilliantly.

Make an entrance

You might have always imagined walking down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride” but there are lots of other beautiful options for your entrance. 

Have a sing-a-long

If you’re getting married in a church, you will probably include two or three hymns in your ceremony. Your vicar will be able to help you with choosing suitable hymns if you haven’t got some in mind already. If you’re having your wedding at a venue or registry office, you are not allowed to include any religious music so hymns are out. But there’s nothing stopping you getting your guests to have a good old sing-a-long – “All You Need Is Love”, “L.O.V.E” or “It Must Be Love” are great options that everyone should know!

Sign to a song

The signing of the register is a great opportunity to introduce some music that means something to you. One or two songs should be enough to fill this time and keep the guests’ attention while you do the legal bit.

Leave with a bang

The recessional should be a big celebration – make sure the song you walk out to reflects that! 

Creating your playlist

Start compiling a playlist of songs that remind you of your other half and get them to do the same – within no time you’ll have a fabulously feel good selection to choose from together. Or surprise each other by choosing songs for different parts of the ceremony and not telling the other one, so they hear it for the first time on the day!

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